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Kola nut has many health benefits, whether taken in supplement form or chewed.  Although it can have certain side effects if taken without measure.

Kola nut comes from the evergreen kola tree found in the rainforests of Africa.


It is an important cultural symbol in Nigeria and for many ethnic groups in Africa, which is given to guests at funerals, weddings; it is used in medicine and serves as a flavoring ingredient in beverages also known as cola.

The nut has some reported benefits for health. The Health benefits and other information about this tropical nut are:

Aid to digestion

Kola nut powder and extract can help digestion. The nut is thought to promote the production of gastric acid, which increases digestive enzyme effectiveness in the stomach.

Increase energy levels:

The nut naturally stimulates the central nervous system, which may enhance alertness and energy boost.


Kola nut may be helpful for people who suffer migraine headaches. Migraines pains may be link to the blood vessels in the head. The caffeine in the Nut has been used for headaches pain reliever.

Antibacterial Help

According to journal of Biosciences and Medicines, reported that the use of kola nut extract might stop the growth of harmful bacteria.

Increase Blood circulation and Metabolism

Kola Nut contains caffeine and theobromine in it which may speed up the heart rate and increases blood circulation and then boost metabolism.


It maybe useful for people with certain breathing problems like asthma. The caffeine in it may act as a bronchodilator which opens the airways to make breathing easier. Research also shows that certain compounds in kola nut can decrease the risk of prostate cancer.

Although, despite the many health benefits of Kola nuts, too much caffeine can produce unwanted side effects, such as:

  • Restlessness
  • Dizziness
  • Dehydration
  • shakiness
  • rapid or abnormal heart rate
  • anxiety

Too much caffeine may result to health problems and is particularly dangerous when combined with alcohol.

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improve your mental capacity


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What is the Meaning of Memory Loss

Memory Loss or Neuro-cognitive disorders or simply called Dementia,  is a state of health where the performance of simple tasks like dressing appropriately, washing up, recalling past and completing things that was completed by self becomes difficult to do because of forgetfulness.

Dementia can affect memory attention, learning, language, perception and cognition.  Dementia is characterized by the loss of memory and other intellectual abilities that is severely enough to impede the activity of daily life.

Human Memory is a fixed set of sequencing neural networks in the brain, with a view to encode, store and consequently recall information and past experiences.

A healthy brain requires an enormous supply of neuro-transmitters with a view to process thoughts and emotions to complete capacity.

The right balance of neurotransmitters to function is also the major concern of brain.

However, there are certain factors that limit the functioning of the brain, these factors include:

  1. AGING

Increasing age of the world’s population leads to a high number of people suffering from cognitive disorders especially dementia. The chances of developing dementia increase as we get older, but in early life, it is possible to develop dementia.


Nowadays scientists know that memory loss is not only  associated with getting old alone but Alcohol, Drug Addiction, Antianxiety Drugs, Antidepressant Drugs, Sleeping Aids, Chronic Cigarette Smoking, Severe Stress or Depression, Vitamin B12 Deficiency, Head injuries and illnesses  are causative agents of memory loss.

In addition to this, many people don’t understand that many commonly used and prescribed medicines can interfere with learning and memory process.


It is clearly verified that commonly used drugs as well as prescribed medicines are intensely connected with the risk of memory loss.

That’s why younger and older population live their life within the risk of neurocognitive disorders.

Since medications are taken to save life, we will take the medicine; however, Medical Doctors should be aware of the dosage and the side effects to the brain.

In addition, there are only five ways to get anything into the brain, and that is through sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

When you utilize your senses, you experience more of life and you remember more.

Our senses help us mentally recreate our world. If you train your senses you will be using more of your brain, and if you learn to engage as many of your senses as you can then you will automatically improve your memory.

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Meaning Sexual Disorder

Male Sexual Disorder is also known as Erectile Dysfunction(ED). A Sexual disorder occurs when a man is unable to achieve sexual satisfaction with his partner.

One in 10 men in the world suffers from performance anxiety as a result of penis erection which affects the physical, psycho-social well-being and quality of life.

The Canadian Study of Erectile Dysfunction identified 49.4% of men over 40 with ED, with other studies showing that 5% to 20% of men have moderate to severe ED.


Androgen deficiency


What is Androgen

Androgen’s are the major hormones regulating the biological component of sexual desire in men, the effect of androgen on sexual desire is robust and readily reproducible.

However, if this hormone is deficiency in the body, the result may be lack of sexual desire in Man.

Anger, Anxiety and Depression

The Feelings of anger and anxiety can overflow onto sex life in men, you may find you can’t perform as well as you normally could.

‘Performance anxiety’ is a common cause of erectile problems. Loss of sexual desire can also be associated with depression.

Depression has played a prominent role in the psycho-dynamics and therapeutic management of the condition.

Systematic studies suggest that low desire is present in up to 75% of depressed patients according to Rosen et al., 1997.

Antidepressants Therapy 

When anger, anxiety, and depression set in, most men usually sort after Antidepressant.

Antidepressant induces complex physiological and psychological effects, which leads to reduced sexual arousal and erectile capability.


In small quantity, alcohol is widely used to relieve inhibitions and to overcome negative influences on sexual desire.

At higher doses, alcohol acts as an inhibitor of desire predominantly through effects on the central nervous system and inducing hepatic conversion of testosterone to estradiol, particularly as hepatic function deteriorates as a result of prolonged alcohol use, which leads to obesity and low sexual desires. 

Blood Sugar Level

High blood sugar result in diabetes and diabetes raises the risk of erectile dysfunction threefold by its effects on nerves and blood vessels.

Diseases, heart failure And Aging in Men

Disease such as Peyronie’s disease causes curvature of the penis due to a hardened area of scar tissue which results in pain when the man has an erection.

Heart failure leads to low blood circulation to the Penis thus inhibiting Penis erection. The Canadian Study of Erectile Dysfunction also identified that 49.4% of men over 40 years suffers from Erection Dysfunction.

The key Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The first step in the management of Erection Dysfunction(ED) is to facilitate the patient’s and partner’s understanding of the condition by a Medical Doctor.

Identify patient’s need, expectations, priorities and preferences.

Oral medications are a successful erectile dysfunction treatment for many men.

These treatment includes: Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn) and Avanafil (Stendra).

Good medical practice recognizes moderate to vigorous aerobic activity which can improve erectile dysfunction.

However, benefits might be less in some men, including those with established heart disease or other significant medical conditions.